Chimney Kleen Offers The High-Quality Services Brentwood Homeowners Deserve

Our goal is to make homes in Brentwood, Benbar, Williamsburg Estates, Cloverland Acres, Oak Hill Estates, Smyrna Road Homes, Franklin, Meadowlake, Iroquois Estates, Carondelet, Belle Meade, and Antioch attractive, safer, and more efficient by providing expert chimney and venting care. If you need chimney inspections, sweepings, or repairs, then call on our expert team today.

Brentwood sets high standards when it comes to maintaining a great community, which is likely why it has flourished so much over the last five decades. When you combine the beautiful homes, the aesthetically-pleasing landscape, and the wide range of high-quality businesses and restaurants, you’ve got yourself a town that’s hard to leave!

What are some of the most well-loved places to eat? Del Frisco’s Grille, Mere Bulles, Bricks Cafe, Soy Bistro, Corner Asian Bistro, Peter’s Sushi & Thai, Corky’s Ribs & BBQ, First Watch, and Jefferson’s Restaurant definitely make the list.

Ready to shop? Then stroll over to Hot Pink, Pear Tree Avenue, Sew What? Gifts, Vignette Boutique, Stacey Rhodes Boutique, or Blush Boutique for some unique finds.

Finally, end your day on a high note with some delicious dessert or tasty coffee at one of the following: Papa C Pies, Puffy Muffin, The Well Coffeehouse, Just Love Coffee Cafe, or The Perch.

Or, if you are a nature lover, keep things rolling at the Deerwood Arboretum & Nature Center. It features all kinds of birds, trees, and wildlife, sure to keep you entertained and filled with awe. You could also check out the Dyer Observatory, which is perfect for anyone interested in space, stars, and planets.

Finally, head over to Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary, or check out one of the parks in the area, such as Granny White Park, Crockett Park, or Maryland Way Park. As you can tell, filling your day in Brentwood is not challenging!

It’s evident that community members, city officials, and business owners all work hard to keep Brentwood a great place to live, and those of us here at Chimney Kleen love being a part of that. Getting your chimney and fireplace looking and working great isn’t a challenge when you put your trust in us.

Make Chimney Leaks A Things Of  The Past By Investing In Waterproofing Services

A leaky chimney can wear your masonry down in a hurry and lead to big, costly repairs down the line, which is why regular maintenance and annual inspections are a must. After all, we get our fair share of rain here in Brentwood, don’t we?

But no worries. We can fix chimney leaks, and provide you with everything you need to prevent them down the line. This might include chimney waterproofing, chimney caps & chase covers, crown repairs & rebuilds, or flashing repair. Whatever you need, we are equipped to tackle it.

Along with leak repair, we perform a long list of chimney & fireplace services, and you can bet we are equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies to get the job done right.

We offer all of these services:

Because we’re all about home safety and efficiency, we also offer dryer vent cleaning services to Brentwood. Neglecting this regular maintenance could lead to an increased chance of fire or gas leak and cause you to waste a great deal of money on utilities. Why take any chances? Get an appointment on the books today.

Let Us Get Your Chimney In Better Shape

If you’re located near Land Mark, Oglesby, Fountainhead, Mizell, Phillips, Belle Rive, Country Club Estates, Crockett Road, Green Hills Boulevard, Murray Lane, Granny White Pike, Concord Road, Edmondson Pike, Sunset Road, Ragsdale Road, Wilson Pike, Split Log Road, Fallswood Lane, Jones Parkway, Haverhill Drive, Weston Drive, Cherokee Lane, Knox Valley Drive, Holly Road, Devens Drive, Boxmere Court, Haber Drive, Millview Drive, Winchester Road, or somewhere else close by, getting the care you need is simple. Just dial 615-292-0461 and we will handle it from there.


The friendly folks in Franklin, TN enjoy all the benefits of having their chimney systems looked after by Chimney Kleen sweeps. If you live in our service area, reach out today!