Dryer Vent FAQ


Why Do I Need To Clean Out My Dryer Vent?

Combustible lint builds up in dryer vents. Most dryer vents are hidden in walls, under floors, and in attics. When lint ignites inside these vents, the fire quickly spreads to the surrounding areas which also tend to be hidden. By the time the fire is detected there is usually great damage or worse.

A lint buildup within your dryer vent hurts the performance of your dryer, resulting in higher electric or gas bills, sometimes MUCH higher. In many cases, cleaning your dryer vent saves more money $$ over a year’s time than the price of cleaning the dryer vent. Lint-filled dryer vents cause the dryer to wear out more quickly and need repairs more often.

SAVING MONEY AND YOUR HOME are great reasons why you need to have us clean out your dryer vent.

How Often Should My Dryer Vent Be Cleaned Out?

Most authorities agree that dryer vents should be cleaned out at least yearly if used with regularity. ‘Regularity’ is generally accepted to mean 4 or 5 loads or more per week. Drying linens, towels and items laden with pet hair can increase the frequency of cleanings needed.

How Do You Clean Out A Dryer Vent?

We use advanced techniques and equipment, which produce an excellent cleaning result and protects the dryer vent system as well. Specialized equipment and cleaning techniques are necessary to thoroughly remove combustible lint and avoid damaging the dryer vent. Occasionally, a handyman or perhaps a homeowner tries to use a variety of items like a long wire, a plumbers tape or a long stick to clean out or ‘unclog’ a dryer vent. All too often, the result is that the dryer vent doesn’t get cleaned and damage results with expensive repairs that follow.


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