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The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that chimneys be swept and inspected at least yearly – and we agree! Burning wood produces dangerously combustible creosote deposits which can build up inside the chimney. Dirty chimney are much more prone to experience a chimney fire, and the fire can spread to the rest of your home with terrible consequences.

Our annual sweepings include a level I Inspection, so book yours today to breathe easier and guarantee optimum efficiency.

Beware Chimney Fires, Gas Leaks & More

Chimney fires account for nearly $500,000,000 in losses to homeowners and their families. This is a scary statistic, but the fact is that almost all these fires could have been prevented with regular inspections and sweepings. And this not only applies to wood-burning systems, but to gas-burning appliances, as well!

Carbon monoxide is another concern. This is a deadly gas which can escape from a dirty or structurally/functionally compromised chimney. This is a significant reason to have us inspect and sweep your chimney each year.

Book a sweeping soon.  The creosote build-up in the picture is not a good sign.

We’re Here to Help

Let our highly trained, experienced staff of certified, licensed and insured professionals transform your chimney into a safer one through our careful attention to detail as we sweep combustible creosote away. Our powerful vacuum systems and advanced procedures keep your home clean throughout any procedure we perform for you. This means, no mess and less stress.

Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping - Tech sitting beside fireplace with tarp on the floor, vacuum and tools.
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“For confidence and peace of mind, before you build another fire, call us for a professional sweeping and inspection.”


An annual chimney inspection will let you know what needs to be done to keep your chimney safe to use. Call Chimney Kleen now to set up your appointment.